“Dark Madonna” Music Video





April 7 2018

production credits

Directed by - Beige Imaging LLC

Creative Direction - Paul Maldonado

Director of Cinematography - Dwight Harrison

Concept by - Maison System

Starring - Melanay Gonzales

Art Direction - Alea White

Production Assistant - Zach Gurule

Make-up Artist - Julia Lucero

Creative Consultants - Rashan Baham, Savannah Arculeta, Mia Gonzales, Olivia Vitale

Producer of Dark Madonna - Nitetime

Audio Engineer - Xena


Maison developed the concept and creative direction for NINÖ “Dark Madonna” visuals. The concept was to create a duality between the characteristics of male and female. The visuals showcases a combination of intimacy and relation between NINÖ and the model (Melanay Gonzales) throughout the music video. We pushed the ideology further by designing custom facemasks for NINÖ and the model — both were outfitted in fully black outfits and Maison’s own Make-up Artist, Julia Lucero, created a Graphic Liner inspired make-up for the music video to further carry the dark and grungy theme.