We’re a multidisciplinary creative house aimed to create value, and offer evoking and ubiquitous experiences. Our vision is made for the innovative and the impossible.


Maison System© is a creative house and management organization founded by American Artist, Paul Maldonado. Founded in 2014, the multidisciplinary firm operates as a management and creative content company — our firm aims to provide an evoking and ubiquitous experience through art, product and design services.

Our management wing supports our diverse roster of in-house creatives and athletes with strategic brand development, promoting online presence, creative direction, and media relations that are tailored to each individual — our focus is to elevate our clients career’s with effective marketing strategies, and concepualizing creative communications for each creative and athlete — Check out our upcoming events



— Paul Maldonado, FOUNDER



Our exclusive projects and commissions are managed, developed, and executed exclusively in-house by the labels creatives. Our vision is to work along-side and advocate for our creatives and athletes to execute personal and commercial projects. Maison has partnerships with experts in managment, technology, fashion, and philanthropy.

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We’re activley searching for new artists, creatives, and athletes to join our team. See the Application — Apply Now



— Paul Maldonado, Founder


Masion is heavily immersed in our team’s career’s; our label is enlisted with a broad spectrum of creative’s and athletes from Media, Make-up Art, Musicians, Writers, Painters, Photographers, Producers, Youtubers, etc.

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At Maison we believe in sustainability and maintaining our earth’s environment; our initiative starts with our team and supporters. Our goal is to create a new conversation about our health, environment, and economy — we are leading the way by getting involved in one of our major crisis’ in the world — The Ocean Clean up.

Since we are online; we have a opportunity at our fingertips to make a change, we are asking our supporters to get involved with our “Second Chance” Program. Our ‘Second Chance’ program is our pursuit to make the world a better place to live for our future generations, we are accepting donations directly on our website and all proceeds will be donated to the Ocean Clean Up. For Each Donation of $15, you will remove a pound of trash from our ocean and coastline.

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